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This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook..try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun  - Julia Child


Meet our Founder

Welcome to the House of Chef James Mitchell.
A couple of years ago, Chef James Mitchell and I, created our
parent company:
The House of Chef James Mitchell. inc.

We set out to bring home-cooked meals back to the kitchen tables of our community & our
neighbourhood families.

The past couple of years have been truly magical to say the least and it has

finally given me the privilege to spearhead the next big project in the Mitchell Family Clan !!
I have always wished to open up a Cooking School like no other, where we would be able to offer a personalized, hands-on approach to the culinary arts. We are so very proud to announce that we have officially launched our new Culinary Cooking School, The House of Junior Chefs. 

First, a little bit of history.......

I have always had an experimental side and wished for many years that I would have learnt how to cook as a child. When we were all younger, it usually was our parents who would do the cooking while we were told to head to the table and finish our homework. When were we suppose to learn the fundamentals of cooking. Luckily, we had a handy class in high school called Home Economics. In this Class, I was taught how to make Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies & Pie Crust. That was about it folks! 

Fast forward to my early 20's, I am living alone for the first time and going through the IGA with about $600.00 worth of groceries, please keep in mind, I am alone. That was the amount of food my mom always bought for, mind you, I had 2 brothers and sister and my family was made up of 6 hungry Europeans. Suffice it to say, everything went bad in my fridge. This could have been all avoided if I had learnt how to shop for one person and how to make cost effective meals that would last throughout the week.
All this to say is that, I had wished that someone would have taught me how to cook a snack for myself or showed me how the grocery stores worked perhaps demonstrated how to use a stove to cook anything. 
Fast Fast Forward to my 30's, I am the co-founder of a wonderful catering company, mum of two beautiful children, married to my best friend & now have the chance to create a space, where kids can have fun, learn and enjoy the culinary arts. Woohoo!! 
Learning to cook & feed ourselves is a fundamental skill we all need to master. At the House of Junior Chefs, we pride ourselves on our Hands-On, Unique & Supportive atmosphere that will encourage the creative development of your child. 
We look so forward to being apart of your child's tasty adventure.
See you all soon,
Happy Thoughts & Tasty Treats,    

Danai Alexopoulos

Founder, President of The House of Junior Chefs 
Co-Founder, President of The House of Chef James Mitchell, inc 

Meet The Team


Amanda Fitzgerald

Chief Instructor of Junior Chef Academy
& Chef Instructor for Adult Classes

Here's a little bit about me!

I’m a passionate person in life, inside and outside of the kitchen! 

Cooking up a storm has always been my way of spreading LOVE in all kinds of tasty ways. Creating and devouring good food are definitely two things that guarantee beautiful memories and harvests positive energy that transpires through everyone involved. It’s a challenging field but what’s life without challenges?


Cheffing-it out is all about having fun all the while learning discipline, dedication and hard work. Passing on knowledge, sharing all my tricks and teaching people of all ages and walks of life how to cook is definitely the language of my soul.


My Favourite food and movie are..


It’s a real big fight between Asian and Italian food to win over my #1 Favourite. 


Since my younger years, pizza has always been top of the list, probably due to my love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Couple of years later, low and behold, my culinary training was completed with an internship in Italy, Cowabunga !!


My Favourite place to be is...

Out in the mountains of British-Colombia has to be my ultimate favourite happy place. The real feel of Nature, the pureness of the energy, the self-awareness, all the hidden challenges. Especially the ups and downs along every path which are destined to be followed by the many accomplishments. The mountains have their way of testing your limits and to show you what you didn’t know you were capable of... Just like the kitchen can do!


Sarah Thorpe

Senior Chef Instructor & Assistant Director at the House of Chef James Mitchell


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