Nailed it! birthdays

If your child wishes to celebrate their special day inspired
by the hit T.V show ‘Nailed it!’, then our hands-on “Rocked
It Party!” is the option for them! The event will keep children
engaged from start to finish!!

“Rocked It! ’’ CHALLENGE'' Themes

Option #1 - Mini Cupcake Bouquet
Option #2 - “Pigs in a tub” Kit Kat Mini Cake
Option #3 - Twinkie Minions Cupcake
Option # 4 - Sponge Bob Square Krispies

Group Sizes
There is a minimum requirement of 10 guests, for which the
fee is static.

Recommended for ages 7 and up

$36.50 per guest + txs

Confetti Burst
Confetti Burst
Confetti Burst

Chefs Secret Bucket Challenge


A fun & friendly cooking challenge that races against the clock and other teams to prepare  a secret dish using only the selected ingredients given to you by the Master Chef. 

Slice of Cake


2.5 Hours at House of Chef James Mitchell




Decoration for Chef Hat or Apron

Chef Hat or Apron

Organic Juice Boxes

Meal that is prepared

Certificate for Birthday Guest

*Minimum 10 Children. 2 Adults for Supervision. Sundays only. Terms & conditions apply. Recommended for ages is 7 and older.

$35.00 per guest + txs