supply list


Students Chef Jackets & Uniforms

( All parents must purchase the appropriate colored jackets that represents the course that is being taken every year. It included the stitching of their name on their Chef Jackets. 

Chef Jacket



Junior Chef Jacket Teflon Coated

includes Fonts & Embroidery of Child's Name on their Coat Jacket


Price $55.00

Chef Equipment


- A Paring Knife with cover

-A Chef Knife with cover *students will keep this throughout their years at HOJC


-A Peeler  ( Y- Shaped Recommended)

Price $30.00

This includes also a House of Chef James Mitchell Bag, Pen & Pad

*To be purchased from the academy*

Additional Supplies

- A Black Binder ( 3- Ring, 2 inch)


-*30 Plastic covers sheets( for their recipes)

-*Note Book 250 pages

-Pens, Highlighter and Pencils with Erasers

- A School Bag or Bag for all Items


-A Pair of Non-Slip Shoes that are fully closed



*Some of these items will need to be replenished each term.

*Items to be purchased by parents*